FULLY AUTOMATIC - A unique inertia switch actuates a relay which turns on the light when aircraft receives a deceleration of sufficient magnitude and duration. (Unit is adjustable, but supplied with setting of 1-1/2g for 1/30 second, as per CAA recommendation).
DOUBLE SAFE - Completely self powered. Two lamps are wired in parallel for added safety.
STANDARD BATTERIES - Uses easily obtained"D" type flashlight batteries.
COMPACT - Housing unit measures only 4"x 5"x 1-1/2".
MEETS GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS - Lifelites are specifically engineered to meet CAR 40, 41 and 42 regarding emergency exit lights.
ATTRACTIVE INSTALLATION- The flush mounted Lifelite becomes a part of the aircraft. Its clean design enhances the decor of the most modern aircraft interiors.
SIMPLY INSTALLED - Easily installed by your own maintenance crew. Details for your own model aircraft on request.
FREEDOM OF LOCATION- LIFELITES may be installed on either side of the aircraft.
EFFECTIVE LIGHTING- Diffused light is thrown on emergency exit area. Even if the fuselage is distorted, LIFELITE puts light where it belongs...on the exit.
EASILY CHECKED- Bulbs, batteries and relay are checked for proper operation by moving switch on faceplate to "Manual" position.
NO NUISANCE TRIPPING- Inertia switch has inherent delay factor which eliminates bothersome nuisance tripping.
PROVEN RELIABILITY- LIFELITES have demonstrated their effectiveness. In prior airline crashes, LIFELITES not only permitted orderly evacuation of aircraft, but also guided rescuers to crash scene. LIFELITES were subsequently examined and found to be undamaged and in perfect operating condition.