We are pleased to announce our latest model in our production line. The Beach Bum Dee Safe Light. This unit is being used in the Marine Industry. It is a self-contained, self-powered, water proof, escape lighting unit.
There have been recent boating accidents that have claimed the lives of loved ones. We know the Marine Industry will benefit with our emergency light just as much as the aircraft industry has throughout the years.

The BBD Safe Light, is a light that will automatically illuminate the cabin exit door should the boat capsize. It is designed to automatically illuminate when the boat starts to tip over at a predetermined angle. One of the features is a blinking red
 indicator light, to notify you when the battery needs to be changed.

If there are people inside the cabin and the boat should capsize, the BBD Safe Light will help you to locate the exit. Being disoriented and in a panic state, this will quickly help passengers find the door for a quick and safe escape.

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Bech Bum Dee Safe Light


         Beach Bum Dee Safe Light
                                                            Beach Bum Dee Safe Light illuminated

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